Thursday, February 9, 2017

Studio Art / Julio Fine Art Gallery #1

This was my first time visiting the art gallery on campus and I was very impressed.  There were two artists during this first visit that really caught my attention and they were Elena Damon and Maggie Powell.  Elena Damon embroidered colored string on portraits in an attempt to show how these individuals might be thinking or feeling.  I love the contrast between the black and white portraits and the bright colored string.  This is what first caught my attention.  I think Damon does an excellent job of portraying each individual's unique emotions as shown in the portraits.  The girl with the colored string in a zig-zag pattern below her eyes and across her lips looks very sad or stressed.  The colored string seems to start from her tear ducts which suggests that she might be feeling like she wants to cry because life is just too overwhelming at the moment.  The guy with the colored string shining on him like rays of light looks very optimistic and powerful.  He must be feeling very confident and proud of himself.  I think the use of the embroidery hoop and the bright colored stitching on actual portraits is a very unique and creative idea that was well done.  

Maggie Powell also focuses on people's emotions, but tries to capture how an individual is feeling while listening to a particular piece of music.  This instantly made me think of marketing studies where company tries to figure out how a consumer feels about a certain product and then creates ad campaigns to capture the right audience.  I like how the face of the girl is very clear and recognizable and then pieces surrounding the girl are very abstract.  By focusing on her eyes and her lips, I think the girl is listening to music that makes her sad because her overall expression is solemn.  A few other things that I really like are the freckles on the face, the contrast of the blue eyes and the black hair, and the overall color scheme.

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