Thursday, March 30, 2017


Frederic Jameson:

-Van Gogh's painting of the peasant shoes-
  • requires us to reconstruct some initial situation because without some background information, this painting basically means nothing
  • peasant shoes represent agricultural misery, rural poverty, brutal and primitive state of the world
  • work of art emerges between meaningless and meaning...looking at the pair of shoes brings up memories of the past 
  • hermeneutical- the work in its objectical form is taken as a clue for some vaster reality
-Andy Warhol's Diamond Dust Shoes-
  • work turns centrally around commodification
  • death of the world of appearance
Jean Baudrillard:
  • people visit Disneyland because it is supposed to be a magical, imaginary world where dreams come true
  • presented as imaginary in order to make us believe that the rest of the world is real life
  • the areas surrounding Disneyland are so fake now that Disneyland seems more real
Postmodernism Introduction:
  • postmodern cultural forms reflect the dislocation and fragmentation of language communities 
  • fixated on commodities, products, and images
  • Andy Warhol's pop art
  • we are all hypnotized by the television
  • era of mass communications
  • hyperreality- an order of representation that is not the unreal, but has replaced 'reality' and is more than real, more real than real

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