Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Studio Art / Julio Fine Art Gallery #2

There were a lot of really great pieces at this art event.  Two collections, however, impressed me more than any of the other collections.  One girl created a booklet with half the pages dedicated to pretty scenery with flowers and bees while the other half of the pages focused on the effects of pollution with dying flowers and no bees.  This piece was in response to all the pollution in the environment today and how humans have a duty to save the environment in order to prevent other living beings from dying.  The artist's use of color in this booklet is amazing.  The colors on the living side are very vibrant while the colors on the dying side are dismal and dark.  The only thing I didn't like about this piece was that I couldn't spread the pages out and see the whole thing together because it was contained in a glass box.  Another girl created a series of extremely life-like drawings that were so detailed that it looked like she had just traced photographs but that wasn't the case.  She drew one large head that looked just like Marilyn Monroe with a modern twist, one smaller head that had a scary expression, and then three smaller heads on one page of familiar faces that I have seen around campus.  Her lines were so precise and perfect and I wish I could draw faces like that.  I really liked how many artists were recognized for their work at this event.  I thought it was a really nice event for a department on campus to put together for their students.  A couple other pieces I liked was a drawing of a cat with wings and a bird that was only half colored in.  I was attracted to the images of the wings because it reminds me of springtime.

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