Thursday, May 4, 2017

Final Blog Post

What inspired me the most from Pierre Bonnard's work was his colorful landscapes.  I wanted to create my own landscape with a magical and modern twist.  Rather than using a whole array of colors and tones in my landscape, I used a few basic colors and placed them next to each other to show vibrant contrast.  When looking at the painting, I wanted the viewer to first look a the blonde girl in the pink dress and then follow the bridge to the city in the center of the sky.  I wanted the city to look like a distant place that the girl either wanted to visit or forget.  I tried to use light in a way to make the city look brighter in the center of the sky and make the forest behind the girl appear darker.  The meaning of my painting is purely up to the viewer.  Personally, when I look at my painting, I imagine a princess who comes from a magical place in a fairy tale land and wants to see the city and all the busy people.  I purposely left many portions of the painting plain with minimal detail so the viewer could use their imagination and create their own story.  Based on my perspective, the connotative message of the piece is that there is a really pretty girl standing at the top of a mountain with the forest behind her looking at a dark and serious city in the distance.  The denotative message of the piece is that the girl in the picture is actually a princess hoping to escape her simple and proper life and join the fast-paced, exciting city life.  She is nervous about making the change as can be seen by the daunting bridge connecting the forest to the city streets.  

Overall, I really enjoyed this class.  I thought all of the projects were really fun and engaging and I really learned a lot.  I'm happy that I was able to channel my inner creativity as a senior in college.

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